Easy Start kit - Set Of 4 Lovely Cloth Diaper Pocket One Size Fit All

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You want to try diaper your baby in beautiful and healthy cloth diapers,
But do you feel that you are not yet ready to commit to the process?

We've put together an easy start kit for you.
Set of 4 lovely pocket cloth diapers with 4 very absorbent pads for each diaper.
We are sure you will fall in love with the wonderful designs.
You can choose from the 12 packages that appear here.

You are invited to write to us any questions you may have regarding cloth diapers and their use, and we will be happy to assist you.

Material & Size

Suitable weight: 3-15 kg
Material: polyester
Outer layer Material: waterproof printed pul
snap: double row snap
Inner: suede cloth
Feature: Breathable & reusable & washable
Insert: 3 layers microfiber insert
diaper size: one size fit all

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