About Us

It' time to tell you a bit about me ...

My name is Hagar Magen, I'm a mother to 4 adorable children and I own the online store named "Cute Eco Baby".

I was exposed to the subject of cloth diapers only before the birth of my third son.

Before that, I did not know there was such a possibility. I knew only disposable diapers sold in the supermarket. And all I remembered about cloth diapers was from the stories of my mother and my grandmother, how they used cloth diapers many years ago. So only with 2 of the 4 of my children I used with cloth diapers and ... I fell in love ❤️.

The reasons for me and my husband, why to use cloth diapers were varied: We were at the time of a third birth. We were stressed out and we remembered the high cost of disposable diapers and how we chased after purchase deals at the supermarket and in stores that offered disposable diapers at a discounted price.

I remember the thought that we were able to save... but actually at the end of the month, we knew that this is a high expense even with all the supposed purchase deals we have achieved.

So we looked for a way to save money and find another alternative to disposable diapers. Also, the terrible stink of disposable diapers 🤢... throughout the stages of use and storage until they go to the garbage can ... disgusted us terribly.

The knowledge that this is not depleting, and the fact that we are "contributing" to environmental destruction, was very troubling to our conscience. As well as the knowledge that these are all kinds of chemicals that directly touch the baby's skin.

We both try very hard to add to our lives more and more habits of a little more ecological life (understand that apparently it's a little hard for us to change habits, but very much important for trying to educate our children and teach them the importance of protecting the environment) We investigated a lot of the subject of cloth diapers and asked full questions before we made the first purchase.

I especially consulted with my brother who lived in Canada and at the time had a 4-month-old baby and he used cloth diapers... After we talked a lot ... he sent me the "Six Diapers Experience Kit" After almost two weeks that we used cloth diapers, my husband and I were clearly not going back to disposable diapers!

We fell in love with cloth diapers and with the comfort and easy way to operate the cloth diapers.

We really got excited and it made us tell the whole "world and his wife" 😄 about the benefits, the significant economic savings, the child's health, the contribution to the environment, and ... the love of the colors and the prints on the diapers 😊

So we bought 15 diapers in the third child and after our son went to do pee in the toilet in a regular way... I sold all our 15 cloth diapers in a facebook group selling second-hand products.

In the end, we also saved a lot of costs and we also did ecological actions. By the fourth girl, my sweet Maya, I had already bought close to 30 cloth diapers. Lots of Chinese cloth diapers and they are in really high quality!! Parallel to American diapers.

The total expenditure on the 4th child on cloth diapers was less than 420 US$ !!

I fell in love with the field and decided to open an online store that sells mostly to USA, Europe, and the Middle East and of course to anyone interested in cloth diapers at affordable prices to allow more parents to save.

I built my business from home in 2016 and today in my business there are two more mothers working with me.

I believe in a business that employs mothers for small children so that it allows them to raise children at home and work from home. Just like me...

My business is like my fifth child ... I love him and believe he does good to other parents and cute babies.

You are invited to send me any questions or doubts. I would be very happy to assist you in making the right decision which will be tailored for you.

I will also be happy to help you choose the right diapers that are most suitable for your cute baby.

With lots of respect and love ❤️

Hagar Magen

*The picture shows my little Maya with a pocket cloth diaper in a cute print of looney tunes :)